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Calendar of visits

Visits to the Historical Archives of the Archaeological Superintendence of Rome generally serve to show students the meaning and importance of documents in the archives for the study of the history and archaeology of ancient Rome and surrounding territory (ancient Suburbium).

A principal aim of the school visits is to show students the substantial documentary heritage of the Superintendence. Students learn briefly of the birth of the Superintendence for Roman Antiquities in 1870, and of institutional duties of tutelage and valorisation of archaeological finds.

Students view and comment original documents such as excavation journals, journals of finds, files containing drawings and notes. These documents are particularly important for knowledge of documentary sources and the formation of the Archives.

Through direct viewing of the documents, the students learn their importance as historical testimonials left by those who had custody of open sites in the city during great urban transformations over the years.

The meetings aim to show students the historical path which, through archaeology, history and archives, led to the reconstruction of the ancient city and its monumental aspect.

A common theme or thread throughout the visit (for higher school levels) is to analyse certain documents dealing with finds. This analysis is carried out in the modern quarter where the school is located, with references to the Archaeological Map of the area and the history of ancient topography.

Finally, students study the path that takes objects from the excavation site up to their conservation in the museum. Emphasis is placed on the connection with the history of the foundation of The Museo Nazionale Romano as the place where objects found in sites on the urban territory and also those from antique collections.

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