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Rome 1st April 2004, meeting the students of the “Belli” middle school

The role of the Archives of Archaeological Documents was explained to the students who then viewed the original papers and learned their function and importance in history.

image of meeting
Students of "Belli" middle school consult the Archives with their teacher

During the visit the class from S.M.S. “G.G. Belli” viewed documents conserved in Palazzo Altemps. The aim of this first project in the Archives wasto recognise the Historical Archives of the Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Roma as a place for education for the community and of understanding cultural identity through increased awareness of the historical and archaeological heritage of the city:

During the visit the students examined plans, maps, reports, excavation diaries and original drawings of objects found during the course of archaeological digs in Rome and its territory from 1870 onwards. In this way they learned of historical periods and procedures which were new to them.

They learned that the term “cultural heritage” has a wide definition, going beyond physical finds to include all documentation that contributes to the reconstruction and thence to written explanation of our history.

It was clear to them that archaeology, history and archiving are linked; forming a bridge between past and present. Before their eyes opened an unedited book which guided them in interpretation of current reality.

The extraordinary interest and unexpected passion the students showed in what they were discovering during the visit, are the most important indicators for the future development of this pilot project: next year students from all types of school will be invited to integrate the school programme with a more direct, stimulating and creative involvement.


text: Angela De Pace

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