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Documents in copy

This section contains a complete list and description of items of archaeological interest that the archives hold in copy form.

  • Gatti Archives. Archivio Centrale dello Stato, Roma
    Complete copy of the original collection donated to the Archivio Centrale dello Stato of the Gatti Archives after the decease of Guglielmo Gatti. Includes papers (previously called “files”) and notebooks compiled by Giuseppe, Edoardo e Guglielmo Gatti. These are graphics and notes which document archaeological findings carried out during digs on urban territory in the city of Rome from 1872 – 1950’s.
    The documentation is held in 23 envelopes each containing progressively numbered dossiers, papers and notebooks. 21 of these indicate the ancient augustean region and other regions created in the suburb of Guglielmo Gatti, in line with the ideal of the 14 regiones. Envelope 21 contains the papers of construction work for the underground railway (metropolitan line B). Envelope 22 contains documentation related to localities outside Rome.
    A manuscript index of the papers and notebooks is ordered according to modern toponyms within the Regioni Augustee (Augustian Regions).
  • Documents of archaeological interest, Archivio della ex-Soprintendenza per i Beni Ambientali e Architettonici di Roma
    Files and copies of documents of archeological interest relevant to the years 1864 – 1937. The relative indices are sub-divided according to the nine charts of the Carta Archeologica.
    Shelf space: 6m. 52 box-files.
  • Documents of archaeological interest, Archivio Centrale dello Stato - Direzione Generale AA.BB.AA - Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione
    Files and copies of documents of archaeological interest produced in the period preceding the institution of the Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali (previously Ministero per i Beni Culturali e Ambientali) Ministry for cultural heritage and activities (previously called the ministry for cultural and environmental heritage).This ministry is a branch entity, subordinate to the Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione e dalla Direzione Generale Antichità e Belle Arti. (Ministry of public education and General direction of ancient history and fine arts).
    shelf space: about 9m. 70 box files.
  • Documents of archaeological interest, Archivio Centrale dello Stato, Roma - Opere Governative ed Edilizie per Roma - Segretariato Generale - Ministero dei Lavori Pubblici
    Only files and copies of papers concerned with activities of archaeological interest in construction work and urban improvements in Public Work from 1871 – 1916.
    Shelf Space: 60cm; 5 box files.
  • Documents of archaeologic interest, Archivio Centrale dello Stato, Roma - Segreteria Particolare del Duce (Carteggio Ordinario)
    One box file containing filing-cards and copies of documents related to construction work and urban changes from 1926 – 1940, in areas of archaeological monuments.
    box files: 1
  • Collections of Prints, Gabinetto Nazionale delle Stampe, Roma
    Filing cards of prints and drawings conserved in the Gabinetto Nazionale delle Stampe thatportray the monuments and views of ancient Rome. The collection is complete with index and photographs of some of the drawings and prints.
  • Municipal Photographic Archives, Palazzo Braschi, Roma
    Photographic copies, made in 1981, of photographs of archaeological interest from the Archivio Fotografico Comunale, Palazzo Braschi, Roma (Municipal Photographic Archives, Palazzo Braschi, Rome). There is a negative and positive of each photo. An inventory, complete with introduction, is available for consultation in the “Sala di consultazione”.
    Available for consultation only
    shelf space: 2m40
  • Collection of photographs with archaeological subjects. Copies of documents.
    Photographic copies of a part of the Parker collection, Van Deman collection (acquired from the Fototeca Unione dell’Accademia Americana di Roma), Alinari collection (Alinari Foundation of Rome) and the Anderson collection. There are also copies of some recent photos from the Fototeca delle Ferrovie dello Stato di Roma (Photo library of the State Railways in Rome) These are photos relation to the construction of Roma Termini station. Topographical indices are available.
    Available for consultation only.
    shelf space: 1m80.
  • Vatican Latin Codicesof Rodolfo Lanciani,Libreria Apostolica Vaticana, Città del Vaticano
    Photographic copies of the manuscripts of Rodolfo Lanciani (the originals are in the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana – Apostolic Vatican Library).
    Copies of codices 13031 – 13044 (relative to the 14 augustean regions) and negative slides of all the codices, including those for the suburbio (13045 - 13047),are available for consultation only.
    Shelf space: 5m.
  • Lanciani Manuscripts, Biblioteca dell'Istituto Nazionale di Archeologia e Storia dell'Arte, Roma
    Photographic copies from the Lanciani collection BIASA XI and copies of the Rodolfo Lanciani manuscripts 114 and 115 (XVIII century). The latter has an index with cross-references to the charts of the Carta Archeologica di Roma.

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