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Contains Archives terminology used in the A.D.A site.
  • Archives
    The entirety of the collection of documents produced by a public body (public office, private institute, family or individual) during the course of its activity.
  • Current Archives
    Documentation relative to current activities of a body or institute.
  • Contemporary Archives
    Documentation relative to concluded activities where the documents in question are not yet destined to permanent conservation and thus still useful for administrative purposes.
  • Historical Archives
    Documents relative to activities concluded more than forty years previously, destined to permanent conservation and to be available to the public for consultation.
  • Box File
    The terms "Box File" and "Folder" are synonymous. Rigid cardboard container, usually closed by means of laces, which contains loose documents or documents held in folders.

image of a box file
  • Collection
    A group of documents of various origins which are sorted under subject (e.g. collections of drawings, collections of the documents of one same author, collections of photographs or of prints).
  • Document
    In archivist terminology document is to be intended as a written act, a photograph, drawing or graphic representation, executed as part of the activity of a body or institution.
  • File
    A collection of documents relative to a specific activity, held in chronological order within a cover.
  • Accessible Archives
    A Collection of documents characterised by organity and unity, produced by a body or institution. This may also include miscellaneous groupings or collections.
  • Index
    Alphabetical list of place names, people, subjects, often ordered also chronologically, related to a Collection of documents.
  • Inventory
    Fundamental tool for carrying out archives searches. It contains the description of all the individual items held in the archives.
  • Register
    A group of bound papers on which specific documents or subjects are registered.

image of a register
  • Series
    A group of documents, created by the body itself, characterised by homogeneity of form, of subject and of topic in relation to the function of the body.
  • Volume
    Collection of loose documents which were subsequently bound for the purposes of conservation.
Essential Bibliography
  • Donato Tamblè, Modern Archives: Doctrine and Practice, Roma 1994
  • Paola Carucci, Archives sources: ordering and conservation, Roma 2003


text: Luigia Attilia

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