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Historical and contemporary Archives

This section contains a complete list with description of the original ownership and an indication of which inventories are available for consultation on-line.

  • Norms for tutelage
    447box-files, containing documents on the activities of the institute (digs, authorisations and concerns of tutelage, inventories, restoration projects, and valorisation of ancient monuments and sites). Documents relate to the years 1869 – 1996 and mark different moments in the institutional history of the Soprintendenza. Those drawings and sketches not included in these papers, but which nevertheless relate to the activity of tutelage,can be found in the Iconography Collection.
    Shelf space: about 45m.
    Access database of 326 box-files containing 3519 dossiers.
  • Excavation Diaries
    Eight hardboundbox-files;These contain the reports of the guardians and assistants in charge of surveillance of the digs and sites on the territory of Rome and Suburbs from 1873 – 1935. Each box-file contains yearly dossiers, which often also contain precise drawings and carbon tracings of inscriptions. The manuscript index is divided by year of find and toponym, with cross-reference to the charts of the Carta Archeologica di Roma (Archaeological Map of Rome).
    A separate box-file contains the inventory cards of the inventory of art objects conserved in Rome in the Church of S. Silvestro in Capite. These cards were compiled by Mingazzine in 1923.
    Shelf space: 1m20.
    Access database.
  • Registers
    The registers (journals of protocols and objects found) are to date filed simply under generic subject (e.g. Tevere, Roma etc.) and contain documents related to various localities. There is, as yet, no digital index and the original documents must therefore be consulted in the Archives.
  • Iconography collection
    4065 graphic documents (watercolours, pencil drawings, ink drawings, photographs and photocopies)relatingto the years 1860 – 1996. The drawings are often additional documents to the papers of the Centro Storico e Suburbio(Historical Centre and Suburbs).
    Access database
  • Collection of period photographs Original photos acquired by the Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Roma and held in the Sforzini bookshop in Via della Vite (Roma). The collection consists of 713 photographs, taken by an anonymous official of the Lavori Pubblici. From 1930 – 1940 this official created a personal documentation of the carving-up of the city of Rome. Most of the photographs which were acquired are of archaeological interest. A topographical index has been compiled. The photos are 9cmx6cm, 9cm x 13cm, and 13cm x 18 cm.
    Shelf space: about 2m.
  • Documentation for the Carta Archeologica di Roma
    Preparatory study materialfor the compilation of the charts of the Carta Archeologica di Roma (Archaeological Map of Rome), of which to date only the first three charts for the years 1962 – 1977 have been published. While these documents do not constitute an “archives” as such, they are a part of it in as much as they are fundamental base material for the preparation of the Carta Archeologica di Roma. The material consists of “provisional cards” of findings related to the single charts of the “Carta” (Map) (IV – IX), with reference to bibliographical and archivistic sources.
    This basic documentation is complete with a “provisional mapping” in scale 1:2000. While integration with the more recent bibliographic and archivistic material is necessary, the cards are a starting point for research on the topography of ancient Rome.
    Shelf Space: 6m.
    Access for consultation is limited to specific research projects.

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