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The "Fontanina"

A research example

This square "Fontanina" in white Luni (Carrara) marble was found in the Longhi gardens in Rome, in Vicolo del Muro Nuovo. The street no longer exists but was once to be found in the area of Lungotevere, not far from Ponte Garibaldi.

Fontanina drawing: Registers 'Giornali degli oggetti rinvenuti nel Tevere'News of this finding on 9th April 1880 can be found in a page in one of the Registers called “Journals of findings” - “ Giornali degli oggetti rinvenuti” - conserved in the archives.
This document contains a detailed description of the finding and a drawing of the monument, complete with measurements.

Probably dating from the 2nd century AD, the "Fontanina" is conserved in the Museo Nazionale Romano, in the seat at the Terme di Diocleziano.

It presents four faces decorated in the centre with staircases made up of eleven steps. At the top of each staircase is the basin of a shell. A small hole leads from this basin to the central basin. In the corners are four bass relief carvings of heads of oceans (or river gods) with openings in the mouths for the passage of water. Lower down are winged cherubs riding dolphins.

Photo of Fontanina: Museo Nazionale RomanoBibliography:

  1. Museo Nazionale Romano, “Le Sculture” - the sculptures -, I, 3, Roma 1979, pp. 208 – 209, inv. N. 860 (Maddalena Cima);
  1. Archivio Storico Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Roma, “Giornali degli oggetti rinvenuti nel Tevere” - Journal of objects found in the Tiber -, vol. 233, p. 110 ( oggetto n. 1414 ).

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