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The logo was created using the “a” and “d” from a manuscript document held in the Archives.

Letter dated 17th July 1877, from Giuseppe Fiorelli, the then Direttore Generale dei Musei e degli Scavi di Antichità del Ministero della Istruzione Pubblica del Regno d’Italia, to the director of the Museo Kircheriano, concerning the need to recuperate ancient objects found in the excavations at the Ministero delle Finanze di Roma.

Information on the history of Roman archaeology can be gleaned form this document. For example the fact that in 1877, ancient objects were found during excavation of the area prior to the construction of the seat of the Ministero delle Finanze – still to be found in Via XX Settembre - and also that these objects became part of the Museo Kircheriano which is today the Museo Nazionale Romano alle Terme.

It is worth noting that this excavation was particularly important for the finding of the remains of the tufo block Servian Walls and the Porta Collina, both parts of the perimeter walls of the Republican city. Other structures of the Roman imperial era also came to light during these excavations.

For further reference see “Carta Archeologica di Roma” table III, Florence, 1977 which was the source for the following mapping.

letter from G. Fiorelli
Letter from G. Fiorelli (1877, excavation journal, vol. I, Archivio Storico SAR)

extract of Carta Archeologica di Roma
Area of the excavations at the Ministero delle Finanze, extract from Carta Archeologica di Roma, 1977

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