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The christmas and new year holidays

Sala della Volta Dorata, particolare della decorazione della volta - Archivio SSBAR Foto E. Monti

The worksites inside the monuments stopped just before Christmas and will reopen in stages on 2 and 7 January 2013. The Works Managers, technical managers and operational managers for the various sectors made their final inspection tour on 21 December 2012, noting the partial state of execution of the works in the usual internal document.

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Start of the intervention in room 41: inspection on scaffolding

novembre 2 2012 049 web

On 12 December 2012, after completing the erection of scaffolding in Room 41, we were able to make an inspection during which, through close-up observation, we evaluated the state of conservation of structures and decorations.

We decided to make this a case study for the blog, taking readers through the phases of analysis, decision-making and consolidation work.

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