The christmas and new year holidays

The worksites inside the monuments stopped just before Christmas and will reopen in stages on 2 and 7 January 2013. The Works Managers, technical managers and operational managers for the various sectors made their final inspection tour on 21 December 2012, noting the partial state of execution of the works in the usual internal document.

The companies dedicated part of the last day to tidying up work areas whilst the conservators in charge of securing the decorations in the Great Cryptoporticus (no. 92) spread biocide over the surfaces. It requires a few days for it to take effect so we took advantage of the break to make up time and finish the work faster.

As for all open and closed monuments run by the Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Roma, security and health and safety surveillance posts remain open and technicians are on call to ensure the correct functioning of all systems. We will hold the final Board Meeting on 28 December to approve other contracts for the Domus Aurea. We would like to thank all the specialized workers who work in the monument, in difficult environmental conditions: we are sure they need a break!

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