Update 7 march 2013

We have recently been working hard to organize the new works and in particular to prepare the projects to appropriate the funds which are still available. The procedures specified in the Code of Public Contracts both for direct commissions under the permitted limit and for tenders are fairly complex and require that we respect very specific phases and time frames. This means that the time that passes between the development of a project and the start of work is relatively long.

We will shortly provide information on what we spent and the works finished in the last quarter.

The worksites to consolidate structures and secure decorations already opened are making progress, accompanied by auxiliary activities: technical analyses, recording and photographic documentation. We are awaiting the results of the biological and agronomic analyses on the problem of the roots present in Room 41 particularly eagerly.

Exploration of the ancient sewer system is proceeding and we are about to start a campaign of test pits in the external area above the Domus, to complement our current understanding of the heights and layout of the monument. This information will allow us to conclude the third phase of tests aimed at the project to organize the outside area.

Trasduttori per il monitoraggio delle lesioni- Archivio SSBAR

Transducers for monitoring lesions – SSBAR Archive

We have updated micro-environmental monitoring inside by rationalizing the system of recording points based on the progress of the worksites. We are currently working on an update and extension of the cabled structural monitoring system, which has already been functioning in the Domus for 13 years.

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Fedora Filippi

Fedora Filippi

Scientific director of the Domus Aurea from 2009. Archaeologist and coordinator at MiBAC (the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities) from 1980. She is also responsible for the safeguard of the western Campus Martius and Trastevere. Coordinator for the safeguard of archaeological heritage in Rome’s Historic Centre. Director of the SSBAR historical archive. An expert in particular on urban archaeology, she has edited numerous academic publications, especially in the field of Roman archaeology.

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