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Update 2 may 2013

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In April, activities inside the monument were halted by the very heavy and prolonged rains that forced us to stop consolidation work on both structures and decorated surfaces.

The very high degree of humidity and the spread of percolation phenomena inside did not allow us to work effectively and made it difficult for the specialized workers, technicians and restorers to spend long periods inside the rooms.

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Spring at the Domus Aurea

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After the rains, very heavy and prolonged this year, spring has returned to the Domus Aurea. The conservators and archaeologists can go back to taking their break between 12 and 1 in the garden in front of the monument, warming up before going back inside. At this time of year, the difference in temperature and humidity between inside and outside is very noticeable. You could say that it is still winter inside.

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