Spring at the Domus Aurea

After the rains, very heavy and prolonged this year, spring has returned to the Domus Aurea. The conservators and archaeologists can go back to taking their break between 12 and 1 in the garden in front of the monument, warming up before going back inside. At this time of year, the difference in temperature and humidity between inside and outside is very noticeable. You could say that it is still winter inside.

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Fedora Filippi

Fedora Filippi

Scientific director of the Domus Aurea from 2009. Archaeologist and coordinator at MiBAC (the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities) from 1980. She is also responsible for the safeguard of the western Campus Martius and Trastevere. Coordinator for the safeguard of archaeological heritage in Rome’s Historic Centre. Director of the SSBAR historical archive. An expert in particular on urban archaeology, she has edited numerous academic publications, especially in the field of Roman archaeology.

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