Andrea Nardiello

Author: Andrea Nardiello

A technician specializing in health and safety in the workplace. Surveyor, member of the professional order, he began his work experience on safety in 1998, later holding safety coordination posts for private and public clients, including MiBAC (the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities), after obtaining a professional qualification as safety coordinator. He continued his studies, taking refresher courses on health and safety, alongside a degree in Business Science focusing on safety in the workplace. He has also organized, moderated and spoken at conferences on safety, including “La gestione della sicurezza nelle grandi opere: l’esperienza della costruzione del nuovo centro congressi di Roma: la nuvola dell’arch. M. Fuksas”. He has held health and safety appointments for SSBAR including: the Domus Aurea, the Temple of Portunus in the Forum Boarium, the Appian Way Park, Palazzo Altemps, the Santa Prisca Mithraeum: the Roman Domus on the Aventine, the Palatine-Domus Tiberiana. He is involved in updating the DUVRI (Consolidation Document on Interference Risk Evaluation - Documento Unico di Valutazione dei Rischi da Interferenze in Italian) for the Domus Aurea complex.

Coordinating health and safety in the Domus Aurea

Lavori di consolidamento e restauro per la salvaguardia e la messa in sicurezza delle strutture della Domus

The morphology of the archaeological monument, and the complexity and number of consolidation interventions – planned and underway – entail a need for particularly careful health and safety management in accordance with the most stringent current legislation (Italian legislative decree no. 81/08, no. 106/09 as amended).

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