Elisabetta Segala

Author: Elisabetta Segala

Elisabetta Segala, Archaeologist. She has worked for the Soprintendenza Speciale per i beni Archeologici di Roma since 1982, in the Central Archaeological Area and on archaeological safeguard in the city’s 1st District (Municipio I). In 1992 she became a member of the Domus Aurea’s technical staff.

Archaeological soundings on the vaults of trajanic galleries 20a and 20b


In September-November 2012, we carried out an archaeological sounding in the sector of the Oppian Hill park above the outer surface of Trajanic Galleries 20A and 20B. The study was aimed at understanding the external layout and construction features of the ancient vaults, with a view both to reconstructing the missing parts and to defining the new external protection system for the monument. Below we publish the preliminary results of the archaeological study.

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