Enrico Del Fiacco

Author: Enrico Del Fiacco

Architect, after a few years of design experience for the ENI group (Algeria, Angola, Jordan), he has worked since the late 1970s in the field of archaeological and architectural heritage conservation, collaborating with MiBAC (the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities) and other public institutions. Major projects include the new arrangement of the external “Gismondiana” area of the Ostia Antica archaeological site; the conservation of Casale Torlonia and the Severan warehouses at the Port of Claudius and Trajan; the displays for the Museo delle Navi at Fiumicino; the project for the museum infrastructure at Ostia Antica; the project for the new Isola Sacra Archaeological Park; the displays at the Museo delle Navi di Nemi; the conservation of the Taurine Baths at Civitavecchia; other projects for monuments and archaeological sites in Rome, Ostia, Lazio and southern Etruria.

Structural consolidation in the west wing: north-west corner

The conservation work to be carried out in the West Wing, and specifically in the north-western corner of the Domus Aurea, are aimed at tackling the two main goals of intervention on the monument:

  • structural consolidation;
  • the overall isolation of the area to minimize heat transfer with the outside, and thus protect and thermally stabilize the surface layers of the fresco paintings decorating most of the rooms of the Domus.

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