Fabio Aramini

Author: Fabio Aramini

Works at MiBAC (the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities), where he runs the ISCR (formerly the Istituto Centrale del Restauro) “Photometry and Spectrocolorimetry” Section. Since 1986 he has taught “Photometry and Spectrocolorimetry” at the Institute’s school. He has taught courses at the Universities of Granada and Baeza, at the CIK in Belgrade and for the Master in Lighting Design at Rome’s La Sapienza University. His research concerns the prevention of damage caused by natural and artificial light and the dynamics of the photoevanescence of paint materials. He has designed and developed optical conduction systems and lighting systems of high chromatic quality and low micro-environmental impact. He was a member of the committee that drew up the Guidelines for Museum Standards. He has worked as a consultant or designer for numerous institutions, including: the Museo de la Capilla Real in Granada, the lighting guide system for Leonardo’s Last Supper, the Riace bronzes (1993). He has also coordinated the lighting design project for the Borghese Gallery. In recent years he has developed projects based on the use of solid state lighting for the Domus Aurea, the Underground Basilica at Porta Maggiore, the Lancisiana Library and the fresco cycle in the Oratorio dei Pellegrini at Bominaco (AQ).