Giuseppe Carluccio

Author: Giuseppe Carluccio

Born in 1955, he was awarded a first class degree in Civil Engineering in 1978 by Rome’s La Sapienza University. A member from 2005 of the Scientific Committee of “ARCo – Associazione per il Recupero del Costruito” (Association for the Recovery of the Built Environment), he has collaborated with the Universities of Ancona and Rome. He has lectured for various courses on the conservation of the historic built environment. He is the author of numerous international publications on works on historic buildings, structural consolidation and the restoration of monuments. Since 1979, he has worked professionally on research, planning and works management in the field of historic buildings. His most important projects include: the Domus Tiberiana, Palazzetto dello Sport, Basilica di San Carlo al Corso, Trajan’s Markets in Rome, scaffolding for the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the former Monastery of San Francesco in Velletri, Basilica and Monastery of San Francesco at Assisi.