Mario Bellini

Author: Mario Bellini

Born in 1951, he was awarded a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Florence in 1976, receiving an (ex aequo) prize from the Fondazione Pontello. After graduating, he collaborated with working groups for the pilot projects to rehabilitate the historic towns of Tuscany and took refresher courses on structural issues in the conservation of buildings and monuments at the Milan Polytechnic. Professionally he works as a health and safety coordinator, on the executive and structural planning of consolidation work for companies specializing in the conservation and consolidation of monumental heritage and works in reinforced concrete. From 1997, his professional work has concentrated exclusively on the conservation and consolidation of archaeological and monumental heritage on behalf of local governments and institutions. He has been a member of the Domus Aurea working group since 2010.

Structural consolidation in the west wing: north-west corner

The conservation work to be carried out in the West Wing, and specifically in the north-western corner of the Domus Aurea, are aimed at tackling the two main goals of intervention on the monument:

  • structural consolidation;
  • the overall isolation of the area to minimize heat transfer with the outside, and thus protect and thermally stabilize the surface layers of the fresco paintings decorating most of the rooms of the Domus.

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