Maurizio Pesce

Author: Maurizio Pesce

A member of the technical staff of MiBAC (the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities) from 1978. Since 1989, he has been a member of the Domus Aurea staff, holding management support posts and managing facilities and maintenance work. He worked with special commitment on reopening the monument in 1999. Since 2010, he has been technical director, coordinating the companies working in the monument, workers and staff in collaboration with the director of the Domus Aurea. He is also works manager in several of the worksites to secure the monument.

Coordinating health and safety in the Domus Aurea

Lavori di consolidamento e restauro per la salvaguardia e la messa in sicurezza delle strutture della Domus

The morphology of the archaeological monument, and the complexity and number of consolidation interventions – planned and underway – entail a need for particularly careful health and safety management in accordance with the most stringent current legislation (Italian legislative decree no. 81/08, no. 106/09 as amended).

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Structural consolidation in the west wing: north-west corner

The conservation work to be carried out in the West Wing, and specifically in the north-western corner of the Domus Aurea, are aimed at tackling the two main goals of intervention on the monument:

  • structural consolidation;
  • the overall isolation of the area to minimize heat transfer with the outside, and thus protect and thermally stabilize the surface layers of the fresco paintings decorating most of the rooms of the Domus.

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