Pier Luigi Cambi

Author: Pier Luigi Cambi

Holds a degree in Forestry with an M.A. in Parks, Gardens and Botanical Gardens Management. He has collaborated and worked with the Lazio Region, Abruzzo Region, AGEA, ARSIAL, schools, professional associations (CIA-ARPO), companies and professional studios. He works as an assistant and consultant to agricultural businesses. Other activities: forest use projects, natural engineering projects, HACCP plans, safety at work documents, plant health monitoring, evaluation of the stability of trees and plant endotherapy, assistance and consultancy to companies working in the disinfestation, disinfection and environmental hygiene sector, consultancy on entomology and parasites in anthropized environments. He organizes and teaches professional training courses. Has directed forestry and environmental worksites for Coop Eco Foreste (L’Aquila); tender management for cemetery services and urban parks projects for the L’Aquila municipality; tender management for the maintenance of green areas for Soc. Italtel; planning and implementation of works in “private and public green spaces”.

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