Valentina Iannone

Author: Valentina Iannone

Archaeologist specializing in the recording and technical analysis of ancient monuments. She has collaborated with SSBAR since 2009 on archaeological and topographical recording projects in the Theatre of Pompey and the Domus Aurea worksite. Since 2008, she has collaborated with the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) on the excavations at Fabrateria Nova and since 2010 on recordings in the Domus Aurea worksite.

Topographical and archaeological recordings

Prospetto dell'ambiente 15

From 2010, the German Archaeological Institute in Rome (DAI), in collaboration with the Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Roma (SSBAR), has created a topographical map covering the underground rooms of the Domus Aurea and the overlying level of Trajan’s Baths now forming part of the park on the Oppian Hill.

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