Coins and Jewels

The basement of the palace, reconverted into a vault, houses a part of the extremely rich Numismatic Section, which comprises the collections of Victor Emmanuel II of Italy and Francesco Gnecchi.

Unique in the world are four standard-bearer spearheads, three parade lances and three sceptres, constituting the insignia of a Roman emperor.

The refined works of the Goldsmith’s Craft - rings, necklaces, armbands, bracelets and golden hair-nets - issue from feminine funerary trousseaux. In particular, here is kept the mummy of a female child about 8 years old, deposed in a marble sarcophagus with her jewels and her ivory doll.

A collection of objects used in everyday life complete the exhibition, in order to give an idea of nourishment, dress and leisure time in the Roman world.