Press Conference for the Exhibition "Mostri"


On Thursday 19 December at 11.00, the National Roman Museum at Palazzo Massimo will host the Press Conference to launch the exhibition “Mostri. Creature fantastiche della paura e del mito” (Monsters. Fantastic Creatures of Fear and Myth) curated by Rita Paris and Elisabetta Setari.


Mariarosaria Barbera Superintendent for the Archaeological Heritage of RomeRita Paris Director of the National Roman Museum at Palazzo MassimoScott Ross and Shane Mahan Academy Award winners for visual effects and make-up

“Mostri. Creature fantastiche della paura e del mito” is the exhibition that will be staged at the National Roman Museum at Palazzo Massimo. By means of some one hundred extraordinary archaeological finds on loan from different museums all over the world - Athens, Berlin, Basel, Vienna, Los Angeles and New York - and from the most prestigious Italian collections, it investigates the myths of classical tradition that most influenced modern and contemporary art, including cinema.

Griffins, chimeras, gorgons, centaurs, silens and satyrs, sirens and harpies, in addition to the Sphinx and the Minotaur, Triton and Pegasus, Scylla and the Hydra of Lerna appear in the Greek and Roman world on ceramic and metal furnishings as well as on architectural terracottas, and are the subject of sculptures, painted plasters and mosaics of Antiquity.

The world of Cinema, the artistic medium that most of all has always been fascinated by the monstrous figures embodying the awe and fears of men before all that is uncanny and opposite to what is familiar and daily, will be exceptionally represented thanks to the participation of Scott Ross, a pioneer of visual effects in Hollywood, and Shane Mahan, specialist of make-up for movies, who will also give a lecture at the Studio Theatre of Auditorium Parco della Musica on Saturday, 21 December, telling about all the monsters that paraded through the big screen over the years.

The exhibition is promoted by the Special Superintendency for the Archaeological Heritage of Rome in collaboration with Electa and it is curated by Rita Paris, director of the National Roman Museum at Palazzo Massimo, and Elisabetta Setari.

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Electa Press Office for theSoprintendenza specialeper i beni archeologici di Roma:Gabriella Gattotel. +39 06 47 497

Data e ora: 
Thursday, 19 December, 2013 - 11:00