Villa of the Quintilii. New visiting path after new excavation campaign

Room with Coloured Marble Flooring

From 26 November new sectors of the archaeological complex of Villa of the Quintilii will be open to the public after a rigorous campaign of excavation and restoration as well as works aimed at providing public access.

The new area encompasses a residential sector (about 4,000 square metres) with a large exedra, originally provided with columns whose bases have been found on the spot that served as a scenographic entrance to a circular dining hall and also as a link for the diverse sectors of the complex, notably the imposing garden. 

Some rooms and corridors have retained almost intact the floorings with mosaics and coloured marbles of extraordinary elegance, mostly dateable to the phase in which the Villa was owned by the Quintilii brothers and that in which the first extensions were realized by the emperor Commodus.

The visiting path 

The path allows access to the different environments by means of ancient stairways and modern platforms, so as to give visitors the feeling of moving in them as in ancient times.

The property of the Quintilii was enlarged by the acquisition of the bordering estate of S. Maria Nova and works aimed at providing public access to the greater part of this new complex are ongoing.

Nevertheless, a new connection between the two areas has already been created, along with a new itinerary that leads, through a modern staircase, to the top of the grand circular cistern (that drawn by Piranesi in the late 18th c.) situated within the estate of S. Maria Nova. From there it is possible to enjoy a panoramic 360° view onto the Ancient Appian Way, the surrounding monuments and the landscape.

Data e ora: 
Friday, 26 November, 2010