The Complex of the Baths of Diocletian

Aerial view and map

The structure of the whole complex is easily recognizable notwithstanding the numerous transformations occurred: a vast rectangular wall (dimensions 376 x 361) enclosed an ample gardened area (xystus) in whose centre stood a thermal complex.The area occupied by the ensemble is bordered by via del Viminale, piazza della Repubblica, via Cernaia, via Volturno, piazza dei Cinquecento and via XX Settembre.The main entrance was situated in the zone of via Volturno (probably on axis with via Montebello) whilst the opposite side had in its centre an enormous exedra with tiers of seats, perhaps used for theatrical shows, on whose perimeter Gaetano Koch erected the porticoed palaces of Piazza della Repubblica, which for this reason is commonly known as Piazza Esedra.The two circular rotundas at the sides of the enclosure are still recognizable, the first at the beginning of via del Viminale, next to the Casa del Passeggero: it bears the inscription of Pope Clement XI recalling its inclusion within the granaries.Entirely preserved is the other rotunda wherein, between 1598 and 1600, the church of S.Bernardo alle Terme was established.